Cautionary Tale: How to Avoid Spine Surgery and Live Pain-Free

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Lynn walked into our office, her lower back radiating pain that sometimes numbed her leg. She had tried everything: chiropractic treatments, massages, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, and cortisone injections. She even carved out rest time daily, hoping her body would heal. It didn’t.

After years of frustration, depression, weight gain, and inactivity, Lynn was ready for a change. She wanted to get back to her favorite activities like pickleball and surfing, and simple joys like hiking with her dogs and traveling.

Here’s how we helped Lynn turn her life around in just three weeks.

Step 1: Resting Position for Initial Relief

  1. Understanding Resting Position: The first goal was to get Lynn out of the “fight or flight” state. Resting position is key because it gently decompresses the spine, signaling the body to relax, rest, digest, and heal.
  2. Immediate Relief: Within minutes of being in the Sportbodywork curated position, Lynn felt relief. This initial mental ray of hope was transformative.

But Treatments alone won’t solve chronic back or neck issues. That’s why you need Step 2.

Step 2: Comprehensive Treatment and Self-Care

We developed a holistic approach combining in-office treatments with our Pain Free Movement program that addresses solving the causes of pain and injury completely.

Why Join Pain Free Movement in Skool?

  • Step by Step Clear Simple Video instruction: Access to a library of videos designed to help you manage and alleviate pain at home.
  • People like you: Join over 400 members who share their experiences and support each other’s healing journey.
  • Live and In-Person Coaching Options: If you need more personalized guidance, we offer classes to help you get out of back pain in just four workshops.

Step 3: Take Action Now

Bonus Value Added Support: Get started with our Pain Free Movement program. It’s free and packed with resources to help you start your healing journey.

Personalized Small Group Coaching Now: For more hands-on help, sign up for Paul’s classes. They start on July 12, and spots fill up fast.

Lynn’s transformation from chronic pain to an active, joyful life was possible through a combination of targeted treatments and proactive self-care. Don’t miss out on the chance to reclaim your life.

Click here to join us and get help fast for free or sign up for our next small group coaching sessions starting July 12.

Transform your life and avoid spine surgery with our proven approach. Ready to start your journey? Join us today!

Estimated read time: 4 minutes.





Cautionary Tale: How to Avoid Spine Surgery and Live Pain-Free