The Sportbodywork Method ™ was born in 1996 when Paul graduated from Maui Academy of Healing Arts. It was a light bulb moment to understand that not every Massage Therapist had the same interest level in helping people heal from muscle and joint pain.

Our method takes into consideration the way muscles and joints should work and how dysfunction in the body causes pain and most importantly how to reverse those injuries to get the quickest results with the least time. The Sportbodywork Method ™ is a hybrid of assessing what’s wrong, correcting movement and treating and educating humans that come into our clinic.

From there, years went into training in each modality that even vaguely offered some benefits. Thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on continuing education, certificates for the walls of the clinic, and techniques to add to his toolbox.

This process of studying and curating the exact techniques necessary to care for every single muscle and joint injury was exhaustive and took years but streamlining it to a very simple formula has meant that Paul could teach his methodology to anyone for similar results.

Treating the whole person using a formula of Assessment, Correcting Movement, and Education to rehab muscles, regain range of motion, improving function, and ridding the body of dysfunction results in pain free movement that have alluded other therapists, including orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and more.

Some of the techniques that our method is based on and is curated from is Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue massage. Our orthopedic therapy treatment may include Pin and Stretch Deep tissue, Strain CounterStrain, Soft Tissue Release, Taping, Blading, Scraping, and Cupping as well as others.

We look forward to adding your success story to our testimonials. If you are unfamiliar with our work, please go check out our content on Instagram or YouTube. If you have more questions check the FAQ section, or use this contact form to reach out.

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The SportBodyWork Method

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There is often a two week wait to see Paul, so if you see an appointment grab it! If it's muscle-related, (and most issues are just by the sheer numbers of muscles in your body,) we can help. We often hear Paul ask this question: "Is there a position you can get into that lessens the pain?"  If you answered yes, book an appointment with Paul today and get on the road to recovery.
*All treatments with all therapists are clothed (stretchy workout clothing is recommended).

Paul is a nationally certified board approved massage education provider (AP# 1001047)

Paul's work has been written about in: 
FOX news, USAtoday, NBC, CBS, Digitaljournal, and Google News.

Paul is a graduate of:
Gokhale Methods Foundation Teacher Certification (posture course)
Center for Pain Management - Orthopedic Massage Certification
British Sports Therapy (Soft Tissue Release)
Myofascial Release
Upledger Institute - Lymph Drainage and Craniosacral Level 1 & Level 2
Kinesiology Taping Certification (FMT and Blades)
Functional Range Conditioning
Certified FRC Mobility Specialist, Dr Andreo A Spina, Founder

Paul is a nationally board certified massage therapist educator who has developed The Sportbodywork Method for getting out of muscle and joint pain. He works to rehab your muscle and joints using manual therapy, education, and corrective movements.

His system includes an assessment of your baseline movement, including any muscle and joint restrictions, to uncover the cause of the pain and create a treatment plan that will get you out of pain in the quickest time possible. His team of maintenance therapists will then keep you out of pain through regular maintenance treatments.

Paul says: “It’s much cheaper to maintain a car then to fix a car.” Using that analogy for the body, his system is designed to get to the problem in treatment #1, and his goal is to get you to at least 50-80% better from this treatment. He gets these results because he’s not working in the area of pain, but the root cause of the pain. And his method incorporates movement, traditionally not done in his field.

Paul has developed a movement library with over 100 videos available for Free to our in-person members of our program. If you are not on Maui, use our online option found here.

Founder of The Sportbodywork Method of treating muscle and joint imbalances

Paul Parsons

*All treatments with all therapists are clothed (stretchy workout clothing is recommended).

As a heavy lifter, Kory has a natural interest in the way the body works and appreciates the importance of bodywork to keep the body in its best working order. Kory had been a client of Sportbodywork for several years, and we spotted early on that he would be a great fit for the Sportbodywork Team.

His desire to learn and excel at his craft, the hard work he puts in at the gym and while working on clients, and his incredibly quick grasp of technique, knowledge of anatomy, and how the body works makes us confident that you will come away less tense and with less muscular pain after a treatment with Kory.

Kory was born and raised in Hawaii, and he is excited to be working with Sportbodywork and learn this Method of treating for injuries. Kory enjoys giving back to our local community by providing the best bodywork and mobility + body mechanics education. Kory is currently offering the Sportbodywork signature Sports Massage while he continues his training directly under the founder of the Sportbodywork Method ™, Paul.

Sports Massage Specialist 

Kory Garaganza


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*All treatments with all therapists are clothed (stretchy workout clothing is recommended).

Tricia is an extremely dedicated LMT and a devoted individual. When she's not here in the office, you can find her coaching at Level Up gym in Kahului. She is a super quick learner--always asking questions, wanting to learn more, and always ready to put into practice what she's learning.

Tricia always goes the extra mile to get to the root of the problem and cares very deeply for each individual she treats on the table. A local girl from Maui and a super team player, Tricia is always game-on when it comes to getting someone the treatment they need.

Tricia is currently offering The Sportbodywork Method Sports Massage  and is in in our Sportbodywork school to help you recover from injuries.

 She is our go-to for maintenance, an awesome sports massage to get you back to homeostasis, and help with tension and tight muscles.

 Extremely good at communicating and coaching you to get where you need to go, she will give you a personalized treatment within the range of a sports massage.

Sports Massage Specialist

Tricia Gosselin

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