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PRICING (updated 1/2023):
A 1 hour Sportbodywork Method ™  session with Paul is $145/hr
A 1 hour Sportbodywork Method maintenance Treatment with Tricia or Kory is $105 (intro rate)

 Paul has trained them to do
the maintenance treatments you need if you are being seen by him for specific
injury rehab, prehab, or a muscular imbalance treatment plan.

Gift cards are available for purchase at the shop page.

When you book your appointment, you are agreeing to these cancellation terms.

If you are within 48 hours of your appointment, you can reschedule by calling your therapist  who's phone number will be listed in your email confirmation or the office directly. Or you can reschedule your own appointment at the same link you booked it. Check your email confirmation if you need help.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time,  and we cannot re-book the appointment, your account will be charged a 50% loss of time fee.

If you are within 8 hours of your appointment time, your credit card on file will be charged the cost of the entire appointment time.

COVID 19 UPDATE (3/2023):
If you are feeling unwell, stay home. Masks are currently optional.

 You will not receive confirmation emails without being opted in. If you do not receive a confirmation email please call to confirm that your appointment is in the system. You are responsible to show up for your booked session time.

Fill in the Intake Form and waiver online here or sent to you by email. If you did not receive or can not access it please call/text the office, we will make other arrangements for you. The form is mandatory.

 Your appointment will only be secured with a credit card on file. We will charge your credit card on file at the end of your appointment. If you prefer to pay cash or with a different card you will need to let us know at the beginning of your session. 

IMPORTANT: Bring a beach towel from home for your treatment. 
Treatments are fully clothed. Stretchy work out clothing is best. Shorts and a sports bra.

Be prepared to wait outside on the bench until your therapist calls you in. Texting your therapist directly that you have arrived is a good idea. Their numbers are in your email confirmation you receive 48 hours before your appointment. 

Drink lots of water. If you've been cupped, your marks will still be showing a few days later.

Do your exercises.  We always give homework! If you don't want homework we are probably not the right treatment choice for you. 

If after a treatment, you feel pain in a different area of your body it is likely that you need more work done. In a single 1 hour treatment, the whole body cannot be realigned and all issues resolved. Long term mismanagement of our bodies, will require some work on your part and on our part. 

But we can get there. We recommend a minimum of 3 appointments spaced a couple of weeks apart. For specific recommendations ask your therapist.

If you are the parent of a minor being treated you must accompany your minor and be within sight of them at all times in our clinic. . The confirmation emails will also come to your email. Please do not bring any additional people or siblings to the appointment if at all possible.

It is my responsibility to inform my therapist if I am experiencing any pain so they can adjust to my level of comfort. We are not doctors and a therapy treatment and conversation at our office should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment.

Licensed Massage Therapists are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any mental or physical illness. Because massage should not be performed under certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known medical conditions ( in person or on the intake form). I agree to keep the therapist updated as to any changes in my medical profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the therapist part should I fail to do so.

  ***Read our terms before scheduling. By Booking you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the terms as stated below***



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is my first appointment. What should I bring to my appointment and what should I wear?

A:  A beach towel for the table, your mask, bottle of water. If you follow us on instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you will see what our clients wear to a treatment. Stretchy work out style is the best for movement and being able to place cups on the back under a sports type of bra. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in the PB Sullivan building, 2662 Wai Wai Place #104, Kīhei.

From the highway: 
(We are makai of Kīhei Elementary School) Turn down onto Lipoa, left on Liloa, Right on Halekuai, Left onto Wai Wai. Two story building on the right. 

From South Kīhei Road: 
Turn onto Halekuai street (Pizza Madness and Medispa on the corner). At the top section of Halekuai Street you turn right onto Wai Wai Place. PB Sullivan Building is on the Right side of the street. 

Q: Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

A: We ask that you come alone to limit the number of people in an enclosed space. (This does not apply to minors. We require they have a parent or adult guardian in the room at all times during treatment).

Q: How can I pay for my appointment? Can I pay with cash?

A: We prefer credit card payments for contactless payment. We will bill you for your service and you can pay from your email invoice sent from us prior to your appointment. If you are new to the clinic and it’s the first time we are seeing you, we will take a credit card over the phone to hold the appointment. However, you can pay with any credit card you wish when you receive your invoice via email (square processing).

If you are an established client and it’s preferable to you we will accommodate cash at the office when you come in. Please let us know you need to pay cash and we will make a note in our system. 

Q: Do you take auto accident claims?

A: We generally do. However, our capacity is currently quite limited. Due to co-vid challenges. So please call ahead before booking to see whether we can take your claim or we can refer you elsewhere.

Q: I’m coming in for a treatment with an auto accident claim. What do I need to bring in? 

A: A prescription that says “for Massage Therapy” (specifically) ideally with frequency and duration (Example: 1-2 x week for 8 weeks). 

The claim information must include: the claim number, the auto insurance company, the claim rep’s contact info (including phone and email) and any other pertinent info. We will scan those documents when you come in or you can email them to the office. 

Q: Do you offer packages?

A: We currently don’t offer any packages. Due to the challenges of covid we had to discontinue packages.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: We don’t offer discounts but occasionally we run programs or hold events with heavily discounted or free treatments offered. When we offer these they will be advertised only on social media or by email. If you are not already following us  and have not set up a profile in our system please subscribe to us @sportbodywork on Instagram. 

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: We won’t know until we’ve assessed and treated you in session 1.  Generally, our clients see results after treatment number 1.  However, for the best results you should build on that progress with 3-5 treatments over the course of a couple of months.

Q: How can I increase my speed of recovery?

A: The Sportbodywork Method is different because you can control the speed of recovery based on how often and how well you do your therapist prescribed exercises. Reminder: They should always be done pain free. 

Q: Am I doing my exercises right?

A: If you cannot remember how to do your exercises prescribed at your last visit contact us for a refresher zoom training by appointment. See the link “a little help”. Remember always work in pain-free ranges, your exercise should not hurt while doing them. 

Q: Is this a deep tissue massage? 

A: The Sportbodywork Method is a fusion of several modalities, including deep tissue. However, your treatment will be customized to your needs. A “deep tissue” massage means different things to different people. When you come in for a treatment, we will assess what your individual needs are and review your intake form to help us understand your needs and develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Q: Do you know how to do A.R.T.?

A: We use the same techniques that ART was developed with. Specifically, STR (soft tissue release). This technique was originally designed to help athletes avoid or eliminate the need for surgery. And our principal Massage Therapist Paul does hold certifications in STR.

Q: Do you know how to do A.R.T.?

Q: Are there any injuries or issues you don’t treat?

A: If you are post surgery the incision must be completely closed (pink coloring is ok, scabbing is not) before coming in for treatment. Additionally, if there is excessive swelling or edema we cannot treat the area, however, we can help you reduce the swelling, which will reduce the pain. If the skin is healthy and intact specific taping is very helpful. If you are not sure if you should come in send us an email at this contact us link. 

Q: I have not had success with any Massage based therapy treatments for my issue before, but I was referred to you. How is your method different?

A: We understand the body differently and more technically than 99% of other therapists Because our work is centered in injury rehab we have developed a keen sense for how to assess and treat correctly. We don’t work on you until we know what the source of the issue is through an assessment. We work on the source not the complaint. For example: you may have wrist pain and the cause could be in your forearm of shoulder. We are trained in injury rehab and have success in all of the areas listed below and more. However, individual cases vary. What we do is not magic it’s treatment and you have a part in whether or not it is successful. Many Massage Therapist refer their difficult cases to us. Additionally, we work on Massage Therapist when they have injuries. If the pain can be relieved by any type of therapy of the muscle, it’s highly likely we can help. If you think your situation is different, call us or email us before booking.

Q: Can you help me with:

SCIATICA? Yes. Once assessment is complete and we’ve determined that we can get you into a position that is pain free it’s much more likely you will leave with less or no sciatica in session 1. The prognosis will vary case by case. Part of the benefit of what we do is the information you will leave with that will include the right exercises to help you at home. And what NOT to do as well. 

CARPAL TUNNEL? Yes. And this is where assessment is really important. Carpal tunnel (also known as median nerve entrapment) can sometimes come from the neck or forearm. Once we assess we will know what to do to give you relief. Posture correction and helping the muscles release to take pressure off the tendons is the general treatment. Tight muscles is the cause of the tendon sheath inflammation which then reduces the space for the nerve, resulting in entrapment. Pressure on the nerve causes the symptoms of CTS. This can be relieved without surgery most of the time if you are willing to put in the work. 

JUMPERS/RUNNERS KNEE? Yes, often there is significant relief in the first assessment and treatment session. How well you do your prescribed exercises will determine the speed at which you heal. The patellar tendon is one of the biggest in the body, this means it has great potential to heal. 

ROTATOR CUFF? Yes we can. The shoulder joint is one of the most complicated joints in our body, assessment here is vital. And so is knowing how to treat and what not to do. Success rates at SBW are very high for rotator cuff. We have at least one or two of these injuries being treated in an average week. 

MY HIP?  Yes we can. Most of the time it’s a soft tissue issue, meaning muscle, tendon or ligament. Please note, there are a few hip issues that cannot be helped w/o surgery. However, these issues are actually rare. If you need more info send us an email with your specific question.

LOW BACK PAIN? I’m not sure of the cause. Yes we can. Low back pain is one of our specialties. You will leave feeling better and with information you didn’t have before on the cause and how to fix it and not repeat it.

TENNIS/GOLFERS ELBOW? What is the treatment for that? Each treatment is unique to each client. Most of the time this is caused by an imbalance. If we can correct this, the pain goes away. 

My heel hurts. Do I have ACHILES TENDINITIS? And if I do, can you help? We can’t actually diagnose these things (see your medical doctor for a diagnosis) however after an assessment we will be able to tell you what’s going on here and how to address the problem. 
If you do have achilles tendinitis, we can help. If you have a fracture we will refer you to see your doctor. 

I have a tight IT BAND. What is the treatment? Almost always this is caused by lateral hip and medial glute muscle tension. Which means we can definitely help. DO NOT ROLL OR MASH your actual IT band. It’s a tendon not a muscle. However, when you leave our clinic you will know just what to do to avoid this tension in the future and even help yourself to get better at home.

PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME? Do you treat that? Yes we do. Your piriformis is one of your deep six external hip rotators. It can get tight and irritated. If it’s putting pressure on the sciatic nerve it will cause sciatica like symptoms. We can help relieve this tightness. 

I think I have BURSITIS. What is it and can you help?
Bursitis is inflammation of small fluid filled sacs (bursa) that reduce friction between moving parts in your bodies joints. We treat the surrounding area to reduce tension. Once the tension is reduced the inflammation will decrease and there will be less pressure on the bursa allowing it to heal. Before treating bursitis we will assess to make sure that is what you have. 

ARTHRISTIS? Yes, bodywork, healthy anti inflammatory diet and exercise are the best treatments for arthritis. 

THORACIC OUTLET? This is generally a neck, chest and shoulder issue. Yes we can help, TOS is a great example of a postural issue causing pain. Correct the source of the issue and the pain(symptom) goes away. 


TENDONITIS? Generally, this takes a bit of time but has a high success rate. Tight muscles lead to tendinitis, release and retrain of the muscles and the tendonitis goes away. 

DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE? This is a diagnosis that really scares people. In layman’s terms it’s actually the effect of gravity on our body over time combined with posture or repetitive strain issues. A little posture help, and bodywork from us along with improved resting positions and you’ll experience relief soon. 

TRIGGER FINGER? We can help trigger finger using Soft Tissue Release and scrapping along with eccentric loading of the involved joints. 


HERNIATED DISC? Yes. Depending on severity and if it’s an anterior or posterior herniation (please bring in or send us the MRI summary if it’s a severe case). If it’s not severe, the treatment is the same as for degenerative disc disease most of the time will be spent on retraining your body and mind how to stand sit walk and lay down for relief. 

Q: My knees hurt when I walk down stairs, kneel, squat, or sit cross legged. Do I have Chondromalacia?

A: If your knees are noisy then possibly. We will ask you some questions in an assessment. However, we cannot diagnose this. See your medical doctor. If you’ve been diagnosed with chondromalacia we CAN treat you for it and give you the correct exercises and self care. Even in extreme cases you usually will get relief from our bodywork and corrective exercises. 

Q: Can you help with repetitive strain injuries?

A: This is extremely common and we treat this successfully weekly.

Q: My insurance has massage offered can you take it as payment?

A: We generally do not take any health insurance. However, some insurance companies will reimburse you after you’ve paid us if you submit a receipt to them. Please see your insurance company for their specific guidelines. We can provide a receipt if you email us your request with your name, date of service, total amount paid, and an email address to send it to. 

Q: I need a receipt from your company how do I request one?

A: You can fill out the contact us form with your full name, your email address, date of service, and total you paid including tip. 

Q: I have plantar fasciitis. Should I see a doctor or should I see you?

A: Come in for an assessment or a little help zoom appointment. We need to check your range of motion in the ankle and foot and the tension in your lower leg first. We can also check for strength deficits and give you corrective exercises to correct these. You can get some relief quickly. We will tell you if it seems like you should also see a doctor for this. What we have found is that most people are not getting the right information on what to do for this problem. We will teach you and treat you in one session. 

Q: Do you offer a consultation rate?

A: Yes we do. Click on the link to “a little help” and we will set you up for an appointment. 

Q: Can you refer me to a doctor, physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other specialist?

A: We often refer out to other professionals. An email in the contact us form letting us know what you need will suffice. 

Q: I don’t live on Maui. How can I find someone that does what you do where I live? 

A: We do not yet certify others to do what we do outside of our area so we can’t refer you to another therapist yet. We are working on a certification program for LMT’s. However, when we travel we also look for people who have a similar way of treating and what we do is we look for those who have great reviews for pain relief and specialize in injury rehab and work the way we do. Photos and videos of their work should tell you a lot. We never find success in spa settings or any therapist that mentions “relaxation” as an adjective to describe their work. A good place to start may be on Instagram. We may search for terms such as bodywork or similar. Chiropractors or athletes in the area may be a good lead. Hope that helps.

Covid specific FAQ’s

Because the state of things has been in constant flux it is hard to dictate policies since they have changed over the course of time and will continue to. 

If you have any symptoms currently related to a cold or flu or you lost your sense of not come in until your symptoms have ceased for 24 hrs.

If you traveled within the last 10 days and you have any symptoms please reschedule for 24 hours past your symptoms. If you travel and get back to Maui we prefer a negative test after you returned to Maui and a 7 day  wait to book an appt. You can email us for specific case by case questions. 

If you are not following the current guidelines for Maui county as for the use of masks and social gatherings, we can refer you to a different therapist. 

We will wear a mask and we will require you to wear a mask to be treated by us. If you are being treated on your stomach we will give you the option to remove your mask for that time. Our mask will always stay on. 

You can always email call or text us at the office if you have questions or would like to get a more specific answer to your co-vid related questions or if you think one of these guidelines may not apply to you. 

We are seeing out of state and out of country residents as long as they have been on Maui for at least 5 days. If you took a test after arriving on Maui and received your negative test result back we can see you after 3 days on island. 

What if I had co-vid? If you had co-vid we will have you wait for a full 7 days past your last day of symptoms.

If you have questions it’s always ok to text, email or call us for clarification. 

We will always abide by the golden rule: “Do to others as you want done to you”. Applying that principal, we will not sacrifice ours or your health and safety for our personal comfort. If we are being overly cautious it is simply to not expose you us or our family members to any communicable diseases. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause. 

"Absolute 10 star experience! Not only have I had my needs listened to and addressed thoroughly, but even the therapist's touch is brilliant and intuitive. I am a therapist of 22 years but I have referred clients here for trickier cases needing a lot of technical knowledge. Most technically advanced MT I've been to!"

Karen stavash LMT

client reviews

"A few years ago after hiking Haleakala crater (13 miles), I commented that I thought it was strange that the only parts of my body that hurt were my hips. Paul immediately replied that this was likely due to weak glutes. I never would have put this together on my own, but after a few sessions with Paul and some serious effort at the gym, I have seen a huge improvement."


client reviews

Christina H

client reviews

I'm not the type of person who regularly gets a massage, more like almost never, so it took my shoulder practically not being able to move and thinking I might need surgery to motivate me to make an appointment with Paul, who was highly recommended by friends. After one session I gained mobility, had a better understanding of what was going on with my shoulder and hopeful that it would get better without surgery. It helped so much that I made regular appointments and tried different methods such as cupping, scraping, and taping.