Can you prevent back pain? Yes, preventing back pain is entirely possible even if you’ve gotten a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease or other common “diagnosis” that are often accompanied by back pain. You can take control of your posture and your movement patterns, preventing and eliminating pain! Learning to stand, sit, walk, and use […]

The two most common questions around back pain

Estimated read time: 4 minutes Icing injuries has been a standard practice. But I’m here to tell you, it’s wrong. And it may actually be making it harder to heal from your injuries. Let’s take a look at why icing could be hindering your healing and what I want you to think about doing instead. […]

Why You Should Stop Icing Injuries

Estimated read time: 4 minutes Lynn walked into our office, her lower back radiating pain that sometimes numbed her leg. She had tried everything: chiropractic treatments, massages, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, and cortisone injections. She even carved out rest time daily, hoping her body would heal. It didn’t. After years of frustration, depression, weight gain, and inactivity, […]

Cautionary Tale: How to Avoid Spine Surgery and Live Pain-Free

Estimated read time: 4 minutes Did you know that your feet should move almost as well as your hands and fingers? Why? Because structurally, they’re very similar. Ensuring your feet have the mobility they need is crucial for overall support and health. Here are three simple tests you can do right now to see if […]

How to Improve Your Foot Mobility

Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes Foot pain is a common issue that many people face, and it can be both frustrating and debilitating. Whether you’re experiencing heel pain, ankle pain, arch pain, or any other type of foot discomfort, the underlying causes are often similar. I’m here to guide you through resolving foot pain in […]

Conquer Foot Pain in 3 Simple Steps

Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes Reciprocal inhibition is a fascinating and vital function of our nervous system that plays a crucial role in muscle coordination and flexibility. But what exactly is it, and how can it improve your athletic performance? What is Reciprocal Inhibition? Simply put, reciprocal inhibition is your brain’s ability to allow one […]

Harnessing Reciprocal Inhibition: Your secret to better athletic performance

Sciatica: it’s a real pain in the back, isn’t it? So, what’s the first thing most folks do? They go running for those cortisone shots or the chiropractor. Are they the silver bullet when it comes to sciatica? Brace yourself: It’s never the right choice. Why? Because it never addresses the cause. The only exception […]

Finding Lasting Relief from Sciatica Pain: Beyond the Quick Fix

In this eye-opening discussion, we’ll dive into the misconception surrounding stretching as an effective method to relieve muscle tension. Let’s uncover the truth behind muscle tension and explore the alternative approach to achieving quick relief and a reset to your body’s natural balance. Understanding the Neurological Signal Muscle tension is no longer a mystery when […]

Why Stretching Won’t Relieve Muscle Tension: Unlock the Secret to Quick Relief

the back of a leg shows taping of the calf muscle

Running is a beautiful and invigorating activity, but it can come with its fair share of challenges. One common issue that many runners face is calf strain. As an avid runner myself, I’ve experienced this problem multiple times, and it’s taught me valuable lessons about strengthening my muscles and adapting my stride. In this blog […]

Overcoming Calf Strain: Running Pain-Free and Strong

When it comes to recovering from an injury or improving our physical condition, it’s easy to believe that resting and doing nothing will help us heal faster. But our bodies are designed to move, and staying inactive can actually contribute to further degeneration and muscle deconditioning. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of embracing […]

Use It Or Lose It: Embracing Movement for Healing and Strength