What our customers say about us

I highly recommend getting an orthopedic massage from Mr. Paul Parsons. My first time using his services I was just there for a relaxation massage to de-stress, but then I learned how he could help heal some of the tightness I have lived with for a long time.

Melissa MommerACSM Certified Exercise PhysiologistLearn More

For many months I have experienced knife stabbing shoulder pain which occurred with even simple movements such as putting on a shirt. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments which decreased the intensity of the pain. I met Paul through my acupuncturist and have had 3 seesions with him thus far, and have experienced not only further reduction in pain, but also improved range of motion of the shoulder joint. I highly recommend Paul and encourage you to feel the positive results of his skillfull hands.

Curtis WillauerVMDLearn More

Paul’s targeted techniques and compassionate touch always help to restore balance back to my body.I am never sore and always energized after our sessions. I always learn something new about how the body works when I see him. In turn, I share this knowledge with the students in my yoga classes.

Rachel S.Yoga InstructorLearn More