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"Absolute 10 star experience! Not only have I had my needs listened to and addressed thoroughly, but even the therapist's touch is brilliant and intuitive. I am a therapist of 22 years but I have referred clients here for trickier cases needing a lot of technical knowledge. Most technically advanced MT I've been to!"

Karen stavash LMT

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"A few years ago after hiking Haleakala crater (13 miles), I commented that I thought it was strange that the only parts of my body that hurt were my hips. Paul immediately replied that this was likely due to weak glutes. I never would have put this together on my own, but after a few sessions with Paul and some serious effort at the gym, I have seen a huge improvement."


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Christina H

client reviews

I'm not the type of person who regularly gets a massage, more like almost never, so it took my shoulder practically not being able to move and thinking I might need surgery to motivate me to make an appointment with Paul, who was highly recommended by friends. After one session I gained mobility, had a better understanding of what was going on with my shoulder and hopeful that it would get better without surgery. It helped so much that I made regular appointments and tried different methods such as cupping, scraping, and taping.

For every muscle related pain in your body, we can help.

When an injury or pain occurs in the body, your body is telling you to address that pain.  Ignoring the pain and hoping it will go away could cause additional damage to the muscle.

Treating it promptly can repair and relieve the pain in the challenged muscles, often in one session. Unlike traditional massage therapy, we know how to assess and address the root cause from day one.  Finally, massage therapy that actually works.

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