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I am a nationally board certified massage therapist educator who has developed The Sportbodywork Method ™  for getting out of muscle and joint pain. I use the ACE method Assess Correct and Educate to get results 100% of the time. *I work to rehab your muscle and joints using manual therapy, education and corrective movements...

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If you live on Maui, we recommend in-person treatments. In conjunction with our treatments we provide you with our private Movement Library of over 100 videos and the support of 24/7 asynchronous chat with anyone on our team. 

We feel that education is at the core of getting better so our focus is on making sure you walk out understanding the cause of your pain and the solution. *That gives you the power to get better as quickly as possible, if you're willing to do the work. 

If you want therapy that actually gets you results, and you've tried everything else book a treatment or access online support here.

What often happens with muscle and joint injuries, is you go to a chiropractor who "adjusts" you, and then you need another "adjustment" because the cause, muscular dysfunction, was not addressed.

Treating acute injuries promptly with our formula (ACE) can mean quick results and shorter duration of injury. It is not uncommon to feel 50-80% better after just one treatment. Some people have only needed one treatment for an injury that's bothered them for years (results will vary).

We know how to assess and address the root cause from day one with both treatments and corrective movements for at home self care.

If you want the kind of therapy that actually gets results. Once you're better, you only come in for maintenance treatments with my team once a month. 

We have a proven system of addressing muscle and joint injuries and dysfunction that works 100% of the time when we work together step by step through your injuries. Even if you're not sure what's wrong with you.

You have a little over 200 bones but you have over 600 muscles, that means the likelihood of your pain being caused by a muscle or joint dysfunction is very likely (it's just science).

I call it a success if you don't need me anymore.

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We're proud of the fact that we can help you out of pain virtually too. Try out this option if you are in need of help and you don't live on Maui. It's high value but totally free. All you have to do is use the link below to join our online community with access to free 15 minute private calls for guidance in your specific situation.

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Our skilled specialists understand the body and how it's supposed to work. They will work with you directly to get you out of pain. If you're coming in for an injury your first appointment should be with Paul. From there, your treatment plan will include recommended sessions and an after care program specific to you.  All of our in person treatments, include free video and chat support.

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Client Reviews

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