Aloha! I'm Paul—a muscle and joint expert with 28 years of experience. As a nationally certified continuing education provider, my mission is to offer the mentorship and support I wish I had all those years ago.

Today, my clinic on Maui provides fast relief using my own curated systems. Join the class waitlist or START YOUR JOURNEY to work smarter, not harder.

Be the best at what you do by jumping into my community.

Stand apart from your competition by offering results that last.

Find and treat the source of every muscle and joint issue.

Learn how to treat the most common complaints without using your thumbs.

Gain the knowledge and confidence to finally take your business to the next level.

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We know exactly how that feels. There's so much being offered on the market but how do you choose? Will you be able to use what you learn? Is it practical and effective? Will it bring me more clients and broaden my knowledge base? Or will it be another waste of time and money? 

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Kellie Suttle, two-time Olympian and Licensed Massage Therapist, Ritz Carlton Maui

"His program addresses everything... For me, it's been kind of life-changing."

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"Paul is the best technically trained therapist I know."

Napua Puaoi, Licensed Massage Therapist, Maui, Hawaii

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How it Works

What you get with our classes:

Whether you opt for our CE approved class on back pain
Our deep tissue techniques 
or Our neck and shoulder formula for pain relief

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You always get access to our community where you can network. If you've taken our courses we know you are a level above so let's get those referrals going!


What if im stuck? There are always challenges in implementing. Class does not end at the end of the day. You'll get access to 24/7 chat in our massage Skool community. 


Carole Burstein, Ph.D

“...of a wide range of techniques and approaches to body mechanics.
Without exception I leave every session feeling better in body mind and spirit I recommend him highly and continue to look forward to learning from his vast body of knowledge."

I’ve been working with Paul for many years. I keep coming back because of Paul’s extensive knowledge...

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Aimee Adams, LMT

"...both in pain and flexibility ranges as to better deliver your bodywork with confidence and ease of experience. Paul is a great bodyworker and teacher!"

Paul helps you sense the details of your client...

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Most pain in the body is caused by the muscle and joint system. If we can find the cause of pain we can resolve it for our clients.

Not every massage therapist can do that that's what will make you special.

We've been fixing the issues in people's tissues since 1997. We've been teaching classes almost as long. But it wasn't until 2022 that we took our concept online and in 2023 we decided to get accredited. 

Taking a class with us will not only make you the best massage therapist in your town but you'll be part of our community of specialized therapists. We can start networking today!

I’m Paul. I specialize in teaching you how to get people out of muscle and joint pain.

I’m Paul.
I specialize in teaching you how to get people out of muscle and joint pain.


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Marta Baldwin, LMT

“...and have had positive feedback from clients. I feel that his class gave me some additional tools to work with, and gave me, as a therapist, a more in depth understanding of the bigger picture with issues involving the lower back and sciatica.”

The technique Paul taught me in class to gently stretch the sacrum is something I have found useful and helpful in my personal practice...

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Watch a free sample of our
CE-approved Low Back Pain course

Watch a free sample of our
Easier Deep Tissue course

Watch a free sample of our
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We want you to be happy with your course, but you also have to put in the work. As long as you show us that you did the work as presented in class, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. (Not applicable for CE credit courses or live in-person classes.)

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Tired of using your thumbs and getting hurt? Frustrated by not getting the results you were hoping for? Not sure where to go deep and where not to? Available online or in person.
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Easier deep tissue

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Chronic low back pain in 7 Steps. Use our formula and help your client get out of back pain, even if they've suffered for years, in just 20 minutes. Learn the entire system including at home care. This class is only offered in person.
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Minimum enrollment of 10 students



CE approved

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Perfect your neck and shoulder technique with me. I'm giving you all of my secrets from 2 decades of 5 star reviews in this 2 hour in person or online course!
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Neck and Shoulders perfected

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Minimum enrollment of 10 students

Minimum enrollment of 10 students

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Low Back Pain Protocol

frequently asked questions

What we see a lot of times is that the therapist does not have confidence in treating this super common area of complaint.

By the end of this course, you will have developed your own signature step by step flow that incorporates techniques that use pin and stretch and that don’t over use the thumbs.

Focusing on technique and a better understanding of pain and tension and which directions to work for each and every situation. Understanding that there is a right and a wrong way to address pain and tension in this area. And the principles behind each movement.

We guarantee your clients will say: “that was the best neck and shoulder work I’ve ever had.”

For the last two decades we’ve been specializing in helping people with chronic low back pain relieving muscle pain and soreness of the back that’s been the bane of their existence for some times years. The result is a thriving practice built on referral business and a lot of very grateful people. The techniques are simple once you understand the principles. If you are taking this for CEU’s it’s an 8 hour day split between two days. If there’s a current class registration will be open just click the link under Chronic Low Back Pain. If there is no class it will take you to a wait list for the next opportunity. If you want more info on this watch the preview above. 

Easier Deep Tissue is our signature Sportbodywork Method maintenance treatment. Our google and Facebook reviews are all 5 stars because we know how to apply the right techniques and methods to get the results your client is looking for. Our method is easily duplicatable once the principles are understood and your clients will never want to go to another therapist after they experience your next level Deep Tissue treatment. All of this, without straining your own body with over use of the thumbs, sore hands, wrists, arms or anything else. It’s all in the technique. 

Sure. Our office phone number is (808)868-1102 but just keep in mind we are a small business on the island of Maui. If we don’t answer we are either working on a client, teaching a student, or drinking a coconut at the beach. Leave a message text or email and we will get back to you soon!

You don’t need technical training other than being a licensed Massage Therapist or Remedial Therapist if you are in Australia. We find that if you come with an open mind and ready to learn you’ll not only learn so much more but you may come away with a new perspective on how to build your business, how to treat better, and how to create a never ending supply of referrals. 

If you don’t live in Hawaii we have a few options. You should definitely be in our online massage school which has free content and the link is here (this should be a link to the form to get into massage school which then goes to the massage school thank you page). You can also email us at and let us know if you think you can get a group of 10 or more massage therapists together. If you can, we can arrange to travel in some instances. Let’s chat about it. And lastly, we have some paid for online classes like how to treat sciatica so you can start learning right now. 

Great. Tell us more! This is our thing. We love to get entire spas to level up their skills. We came from the spa world, Paul was a massage therapists at The Four Seasons, The Grand Hyatt Wailea, and The Ritz Carlton to name a few. We know exactly what to do for a successful class of spa massage therapists. Let’s schedule something at

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That’s a great question and It’s not one that we can answer. However, even if the CE credits don’t apply to your state or country the information presented will change your practice for the better and will be worth it!

We are working on getting more approved and we’d love your feedback if you’d like something in particular taught to your staff. 

That’s unfortunate. Please be sure you can make class. There are no guarantees that we can make room for you in the next go around or that any of the course will be recorded. But we will try and work with you. Your credit (the amount you paid) will still be yours even if you miss the class and you can use it for a future class. 

So glad you asked! We love our massage therapist students so much we have 24/7 asynchronous chat available right from here:

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Bring water snacks/lunch comfortable shoes stretchy clothing a beach towel and a portable massage table. Depending on what kind of learner you are we also recommend pen and paper for notes.

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

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