How to Improve Your Foot Mobility

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Did you know that your feet should move almost as well as your hands and fingers? Why? Because structurally, they’re very similar.

Ensuring your feet have the mobility they need is crucial for overall support and health. Here are three simple tests you can do right now to see if your feet have the necessary mobility.

Three Tests for Foot Mobility

  • Lift Your Big Toes Independently
    • Try to lift just your big toes while keeping the rest of your toes flat on the ground.
    • This movement tests the mobility of your big toe, which is essential for balance and proper gait.

  • Lift Your Other Toes Independently
    • Now, try lifting your other toes while keeping your big toe flat on the ground.
    • This tests the mobility of the smaller toes, which are crucial for distributing weight evenly when you walk or run.

  • Piano Toes
    • Imagine you’re playing the piano with your toes. Try to lift each toe one by one, starting from your big toe to your little toe and then back again.
    • This exercise tests the dexterity and individual control of each toe, which is important for maintaining balance and agility.

Why Foot Mobility Matters

If you can’t perform these three movements, it means your feet lack the mobility and strength to support you properly. Over time, this can lead to discomfort and potential injuries.

Steps to Improve Foot Mobility

  • Toe Stretches
    • Sit comfortably and stretch your toes back and forth, by rolling up onto the tops of your toes to increase flexibility of the tops of your toes, foot, and shin.

  • Foot Rolling
    • Use a small ball (like a lacrosse ball or smaller) and roll it under your foot for 30-60 seconds. Be sure to massage and loosen the all muscles and connective tissue of the bottom of your foot. This signals your brain that you needa little more mobility to move the rest of your body.

  • Toe Spacing
    • Practice lifting and spreading your toes regularly to increase control and strength (wearing toe spaces for incrementally longer periods of time will help).

  • Barefoot Exercises
    • Spend some time walking barefoot on different surfaces to naturally strengthen your feet. Feel how your feet flex and conform to different surfaces.

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By incorporating these exercises and tests into your routine, you can enhance your foot mobility, support, and overall foot health. Remember, taking care of your feet is important for stabilizing your body. Happy exercising!





How to Improve Your Foot Mobility