Finding Lasting Relief from Sciatica Pain: Beyond the Quick Fix

Sciatica: it’s a real pain in the back, isn’t it?

So, what’s the first thing most folks do? They go running for those cortisone shots or the chiropractor.

Are they the silver bullet when it comes to sciatica?

Brace yourself: It’s never the right choice. Why? Because it never addresses the cause.

The only exception to this rule is if you are about to go into competition (within the week) and the shot will get you through to the point where after comp you can address the problem.

Chiropractor or chiropractic adjustment is never the right choice for sciatica because the risks outweight the benefits and that’s a symptom-based treatment, not a source-based treatment, meaning: “I have pain here. Address this.”

Also, the muscle controls the bones and if the bone is pushed “back into place” which is what a HVLA (high velocity, low amplitude) adjustment does, the muscles will pull it back out of whack if the muscles have not been addressed properly.

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The Quick Fix that Isn’t

Cortisone or other fancy corticosteroid injections are like a quick fix, you feel on top of the world, for a bit anyway—usually just a few weeks to a couple of months at best.

But, here’s the kicker: it’s a short-lived high. Pretty soon, that pain’s back, knocking on your door, begging for another shot.

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The Downside of Multiple Injections and Stretching

Now, let’s talk about the dark side of this quick relief cycle. After a series of injections, that cortisone starts to do more harm than good. It begins to degrade the very tissues it’s supposed to help. Responsible doctors will often say “no more” after three or four injections to avoid further damage.

The problem is, by that time, you may be in even more pain and discomfort, all because you haven’t tackled the root of the problem.

What about stretching? We have seen multiple so-called experts that recommend stretching to relieve pain in this nerve. But this doesn’t work at all. Instead, try nerve gliding or find a therapist that can treat sciatica through manual therapy. If you need help with that, comment below and we’ll try and help you.

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How Do I Treat the Cause?

The real remedy lies in tweaking your daily habits. Changes in how you sit, stand, walk, or rest can help tremendously, and, in some cases, make the sciatica vanish almost instantly. But there’s more: movements that help calm the sciatic nerve.

In your quest for sciatica relief, keep in mind that speedy solutions like injections often provide mere momentary relief. To really conquer sciatica, it’s essential to address its root causes by making lifestyle adjustments and finding the right movements (that isn’t stretching. In fact, stretching can do more harm than good.) So, before opting for that next injection, consider a holistic approach because that’s what will take you to a life free of pain, no strings attached.

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Finding Lasting Relief from Sciatica Pain: Beyond the Quick Fix