A Chiropractor generally manipulates bones and joints, often times with High Velocity manipulation or adjustment, and then you may feel that you need an adjustment again and again. The reason for this is that the musculature has not been addressed. Why is that important? Because you only have a little over 200 bones but over 600 muscles, those muscles are pulling those bones and causing you to be in pain. We address the muscle and joint system with specific and expert manual therapy focused on the cause of the pain. There is absolutely a place for Chiropractic adjustments in your wellness routine, but for a muscle and joint imbalance or injury, chiropractic alone will not address the problem.

A Physical Therapist can use manual therapy to help get greater results than corrective exercises alone, but many of them don’t, and in fact the medical institutions that employ them prefer them not to. In fact, the growing trend is that the Physical Therapist doesn’t work with the patient at all on a table or otherwise” manually” but instead, you are given a sheet of exercises to do at home. The problem we find with this approach is that often times manual therapy is needed especially in the beginning stages of an injury recovery, and if the patient was able to do the movements or exercises prescribed by the Physical Therapist correctly at home, they wouldn’t need Physical Therapy.

A Massage Therapist is licensed to provide manual therapy to treat tension or pain in the body. This is generally done with lotion on a treatment table unclothed but under sheets (called draping) and can be in a spa setting, your own home, or another private practice. This can be very effective if the massage therapist understands how to assess injuries, understands muscle and joint anatomy and the function of each muscle and joint, and understands the cause of pain.

We work under the license of a Massage Therapy Establishment and we offer treatment that can address what is not addressed by the Chiropractor, not addressed by your Physical Therapist, and not addressed by your Massage Therapist, and is highly effective.
We recommend that you consult your doctor about adding in our therapy to your wellness plan. Once you’ve had one session, you’ll understand why we don’t fall into these 3 categories and have a unique position to help you, make a faster recovery that can last.
If you can answer yes to this question, it’s highly likely, we can help. Is there a position that I can get into where my pain is reduced or gone completely?

If you still don’t know whether this treatment is right for you, feel free to call the office and speak to us. We’re standing by.

Is this Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or a Chiropractor?

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