Thai Stretch Class with Sarah Tolve and Aimee Adams. You will learn how Thai massage and stretching techniques can relieve pain, increase mobility, and help you compress and decompress key muscles.

Thai massage is generally done on a mat on the floor and the client is dressed in stretchy fabrics, or work out wear. It is generally longer than a traditional western massage treatment and it involves your therapist helping you to stretch every muscle and joint that is in need of assistance.

Our clients love Sarah and Aimee’s thai treatments and that is why we are bringing this clinic to you. For just $100 for you and your partner or a friend and you can learn how to stretch correctly so you can do your own thai treatments at home.

The focus will be on 5 main stretches, however, the class is small so feel free to ask Sarah or Aimee for more specific help or a specific technique for a specific area or muscle group.

Limited to 5 “couples”. Refreshments included. Once you have paid, you will receive an email confirmation that is your ticket in the door.

See you Feb 22 2020 6-8 pm. Be on time! Questions you can call the office at 808.868.1102 or email the office on the contact form.