Thai Massage and Thai Stretching Classes Offered at Sportbodywork

In case you haven’t heard…we have not one but two extraordinary bodyworkers that are expert in Thai Massage as well.

We love this because the type of techniques that Thai Massage incorporate are totally in line with our philosophy at Sportbodywork.

We totally believe in compression and stretching the Right Way to alleviate pain and gain mobility.

If you have not yet experienced a Thai Treatment, here’s what you should know.

Its very different from a traditional massage treatment. For example, instead of a massage table you will be joining your therapist on a mat on the floor.

This actually gives your therapist way more leverage to manipulate muscles and stretch you far better than they could ever stretch you on a high table.

Because you are being stretched on the floor you will need to be wearing stretchy clothing. And you will be an active participant in the treatment. No sleeping in Thai Massage!

However, the techniques are so thorough that when you leave your Thai treatment with Sarah or Aimee you will feel like you are a new person because you will be moving so much better.

We are offering a Thai Couples class taught by Sarah and Aimee on Feb 22, 6-8pm for $100 its a great intro to Thai Massage if you have yet to experience Thai but it’s also a great bang for your buck, since it’s less than a treatment would cost you. And you will leave with  5 foundational Thai stretches to do on each other at home. You can book by calling the office, emailing us, or coming into the office with payment.

Refreshments provided.