What may just be the most important muscle group to strengthen. And why you miss it every time you work out.

We’ve all seen this…they still have their purple orchid leis on and they can’t wait to step foot on the sand. They may leave their shoes on and shuffle out onto the sand or they may take their airplane sneakers off but the result is the same…they walk on the sand like they are walking in outer space. It’s unfamiliar to their feet. And their feet have been in feet coffins for a long long time. They may need to be resurrected.

It’s funny to watch but what does it tell us about their feet? Turns out a lot!

More importantly whether you can easily balance on the sand or not, does the mobility and strength you have or don’t have in your feet tell us something about our health? If so, are you listening?

We are going to talk about what your feet should be able to do. If they can’t do those things, how do we change that. And if your feet hurt now how to treat the cause and not the symptoms.

We recently recorded a foot mobility course that is in the editing room and should be out soon. Why did we start our online video courses with feet?

Because most people are not thinking about their feet! In fact they start thinking about them only when they hurt.

But to our feet belong the esteemed privilege of holding us up all day! They have been likened to a suspension bridge for the body!

So, if your feet and specifically your arches are not in good maintenance what do you think will happen? Have you ever seen a bridge fail on the news? It’s a disaster and often it is also a tragedy.

This doesn’t have to be you because we’ve designed a course that will get your feet in good working order.

In actuality your feet should be almost just as mobile as your hands. Yup, you heard us right. So if you can wiggle all your fingers independent of each other and really think about hand dexterity, your foot is way behind your hand in the mobility category. It doesn’t have to stay there. How do we fix it?

We start with a mobility test. We need to find our starting point. Go find a Lacrosse ball, a tennis ball will work too, some people have used a golf ball, and for some you need the softest type of ball so that may be a squash ball. Go ahead. We’ll wait…

Here’s what you are going to do.

First, bend down to touch your hands to the ground with your legs straight, note how close your fingers or your palm can be to the ground. Just the tips of your fingers? Maybe most of your palm?

Next, take your ball and roll the bottom of your feet, 30 seconds for each foot with the ball. Taking care to reach each muscle fiber…once you’ve done a thorough job of that try that bend down again.

Have you gained mobility? For near 100% of people if you did it correctly, you did gain greater range of motion. Why is that?

Your feet are made up of connective tissue (or fascia), 21 bones, and ligaments. The foot is actually controlled by the muscles and tendons in your leg. How do we know this? Easy. Just hold your calf muscle with both of your hands wrap them around your calf muscle. Now wiggle your toes. Now move your ankle. Both of those movements you would have felt under your hands because the muscles controlling that movement are in the leg!

In just a few minutes you gained mobility in your foot and that is just the beginning. Everything in the course that we teach you is doable by anyone that has a foot.

There will be varying levels of ability but with practice within 2 weeks of doing these feet drills you will notice a marked improvement in how you walk, stand, sit. How your feet feel and how well they keep you stabilized.

You’ve already started the work by making a brain body connection. You actually had a conversation with your foot without knowing it so your brain now knows ” I better get the rest of my body ready to move”.

That connection is a neurological connection and the more you do it that connection will only get stronger. Your feet will work better, your balance will be better, as you age you’ll remain mobile.

Do this one movement with the ball on your foot every day and let us know how it goes for you. Are you interested in the upcoming class? You can jump on our video courses email list so you never miss a release date of upcoming courses.





What may just be the most important muscle group to strengthen. And why you miss it every time you work out.

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