We are constantly looking to improve in what we do for our clients…

We’ve made it our passion to understand the human body, how it works, why it breaks down, and how to fix it.

Educating ourselves and then dispensing that information to our clients in every day language, means they can go home and immediately put into action any movements, exercises, or habits that will take their health or their recovery to health to the next level.

We strongly believe we have found something that everyone should be using.

Do you have your bottle of CBD oil yet? This is one of the most powerful adaptogens that we currently know about and after doing months of research and taking it ourselves first we feel confident in offering it now to our clients.

It helps with pain sensation, memory, mood, and metabolism…to name a few.

There will be more info to come on this amazing tincture/oil/salve. Stay tuned for more info on how and why to use this now and schedule your next session today that can incorporate a topical CBD salve.


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